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computer not booting up my computer

To wonder computer without windows is just like imagining sky without clouds. They are indispensable for each other to survive and so are they for modern American. When they work, they make your life so easy, but when they decide to create problems, there can nothing be more frustrating than it. The worst problem is though very common; still you don’t have the right way to deal with it. Yes this article will be throwing light on the computer booting problem and some fairly easy solutions to get rid of it.

There are as many solutions to try solve the booting issue in your laptop or computer as many are the reasons why the PC will not boot up.Ideally you should take some precautions to avoid the booting problem from happening. But when it comes to reality, the precautions are either too little or too late to help your situation. Do not delay it further to learn some amazingly simple tips when your computer faces the booting issue.

  • BOOT JUST FROM THE INSTALL DISK. When you have install disk in your computer, try booting it from it. You should keep clicking until you reach the option of repair your computer. Once you reach that point, you will have to walk through smooth wizard that should repair the non-booting windows installation. In this wizard, you will get to Startup repair section, this is what you were looking for.


  • MBR FIXTURE. Master boot record is the part of your drive where you can find the most critical information about the boot process. It can be left useless for most of the times. You can reach the point of command prompt (as you did in the last method) after reaching there you should type bootrec/fixmbr. Here you are required to overwrite Windows XP MBR with Windows 7 MBR the command bootsect/nt60.


  • GO EASY AND SAFE. Luck should be on your side to let it help you.Inability to boot up can be a simple issue that can be easily resolved with Safe mode. This is a special mode for Windows that does not load the drivers and subsystems used by the standard mode.

Re-installation and back up can be your rescuers in case any of these don’t work for you. Users who are not at all savvy or are too occupied to carry out the whole lot of exercise can contact the technical support people who render their services at competitive prices.


Online Computer Repair And Maintenance Services


In the age of technology; it is too hard to find a single household without a desktop or laptop. Desktops are basic elements of an office’s IT environment. They are still overlooked and the maintenance of laptops and desktops are considered as less important. Reason behind is they are common in both homes and offices. These machines are not outdated, they are in fact much useful than contemporary electronic gadgets like tabs and smart phones.  Their efficiency is much higher than the new gadgets in many ways.

There are a number of ways that can help computers work optimally. These tasks when performed protect your desktop and laptop from virus attack, worms, corruption and other unwanted happenings. Further you can derive support for desktop and laptop from individual reputed companies. Their services can make your desktop computers working at their full potential and enable your employees to make their full use. They help the business owners feel confident that the confidential business data is safe and accessible. Laptops while provide enough room for flexible working which fit the current scenario. They are the smaller, lighter and faster version, but at the same time laptops need special consideration like what will happen if the laptop is misplaced or laptop? What are the norms to protect data? What if it gets damaged?

It is advised to consider the above mentioned points when you include laptops in your business environment. Security norms and emails, files can be centralized to a server and security of data can be ascertained. Laptops are more vulnerable to infections as they get connected to more dangerous networks than desktops. The tech support provided online gives you space to have trust that your data is safe and secure when accessed while you are away from office.  The people who find themselves tech savvy and want to try their hands before calling the support technicians, they should mind not to wear any jewelry while working on any desktop or laptop. Remove your hand jewelry while you are testing anything like power supply to your system. Whenever you come across the label of non-serviceable components don’t wish to play around. They are not meant to be repaired by anyone.